My interest in writing and English and Photography dates back to when I was first able to pick up the proper utensils. While my photography became professional recently; my writing was honed through the attendance of a Magnet School. I furthered my education by educating at Salem State University, with a minor in the arts and a focus in English and Creative Writing. I am currently graduating early from Salem State University in December of 2019.
I have put my education to use through studying to become a Geospatial Technician for SIAS Global LLC. My job status includes writing reports for the CEO and photographing various materials for the company. I have even gone as far as to write the official Nondisclosure Agreement for the company to use. Currently, I work on campus as a Barista. I have people and team skills and am able to adapt to stressful situations. Currently, I use my photo taking skills as a creative outlet rather than a professional requirement.
My future lies ahead of me and though I do not know what I will do with my skills, I know that I will use what I have learned as an undergraduate to fit into the professional world.

A shot from the CMF Movie Festival Awards Ceremony